UV Stabilizers
A Broad Spectrum and Highly Effective UV Blocker – Chiguard® GA403

Chiguard® GA403 (GA403) is a novel UV blocker derived from vanillin. It has remarkably high absorption in the UV-A wavelength region. Therefore, at 1500 ppm loading in 1 mm thick PET film, GA403 can easily block out UV light under 400nm and up to 405 nm. In the blue light absorption applications, this appropriate optical barrier performance reduces the influence on the initial color so that the product can feature both optical performance and product appearance. 


The most important property of GA403 is its insolubility in common food ingredients, and it has passed the EFSA food contact migration test in 10% ethanol, 3% acetic acid, and vegetable oil. Meanwhile, GA403 is applying the U.S. food contact substance (FCS) notification. GA403 is suitable for use in PET, PC, PA, PMMA, and PE plastics, and can be broadly applied in fields such as optical film/boards, food packaging, and UV-resistant functional fabrics.

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