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Chivacure® / R-gen®

Photoinitiators are crucial components in light-cured coating systems, primarily allowing coatings to cure through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) or visible light, eliminating the need for traditional heat-curing methods that often involve high temperatures.

🔹 Working Principle of Photoinitiators:

  1. Absorption of Light Energy: Photoinitiators function by absorbing energy from ultraviolet (UV) or visible light.

  2. Decomposition of Photoinitiator Molecules: The absorbed light energy leads to the decomposition of photoinitiator molecules, generating free radicals or protonic acids.

  3. Generation of Highly Reactive Species: The resulting free radicals or protonic acids are highly reactive species.

  4. Initiation of Polymerization Reaction: These highly reactive species trigger polymerization reactions, rapidly curing the coating. During this process, molecules in the coating begin to connect, forming a network structure and resulting in a hardened surface.

🔹 Advantages of Light-Cured Coatings:

Compared to traditional heat-curing of coatings, using photoinitiators for light-induced curing offers significant advantages:

  1. Faster Cure Times: Light-cured coatings can cure rapidly, leading to higher production efficiency and faster processes compared to traditional heat-curing methods.

  2. Lower Energy Consumption: The light-curing process does not require high temperatures, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to traditional high-temperature heat curing, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost reduction.

  3. Room Temperature Application: Light-cured coatings can be cured at room temperature, providing greater flexibility in application without the need for additional heating steps.

  4. Reduced Emissions: The light-curing process reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to an improved working environment and reduced environmental impact.

  5. Coating of Heat-Sensitive Substrates: Light-curing technology offers a convenient option for coating heat-sensitive substrates as it eliminates the need for high-temperature treatment, reducing the risk of substrate heat damage.

Due to these advantages, the application of light-cured coatings continues to grow across various industrial sectors. Photoinitiators, as key components, enable the rapid curing of coatings induced by UV/visible light, providing efficient and environmentally friendly coating solutions for different industries.


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