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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and sealants, versatile in their applications, serve functions ranging from shoe sole lamination to constructing complex displays, using MS sealants, PVB films, and various tapes. Each application comes with unique demands, notably the need for UV resistance and long-term adhesion strength. A closer look reveals that, like other polymers, these materials can benefit significantly from the incorporation of antioxidants, UV stabilizers, and photoinitiators.



Antioxidants are additives that inhibit or slow down the oxidation reaction of materials. The primary purpose of adding antioxidants to adhesives and sealants is to protect the product from the effects of oxidation, extending its lifespan. Antioxidants effectively prevent deterioration and degradation of the product due to oxygen exposure during use, while enhancing the product's weather resistance and stability, making it more suitable for extreme environments.

🔹UV Stabilizers:


UV stabilizers are compounds that can absorb or scatter ultraviolet (UV) rays. Their application in adhesives and sealants primarily aims to protect products from damage caused by UV radiation. Products exposed to sunlight for extended periods are susceptible to the impact of UV rays, leading to color changes, degradation, or cracking. The addition of UV stabilizers can effectively prevent these issues while enhancing the appearance and surface quality of the product.



Photoinitiators are additives that initiate chemical reactions through exposure to light. The primary purpose of incorporating photoinitiators into adhesives and sealants is to induce curing or hardening reactions under specific light conditions. This unique chemical reaction enhances the curing speed of adhesives and sealants, accelerating the production process and ensuring the final product exhibits superior adhesion and durability.

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