UV Stablizers

UV stabilizers include UV absorbers (UVA) and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS). UVA absorbs ultraviolet, while HALS can efficiently quench the radicals caused by ultraviolet, which results to ease the damages of products from the ultraviolet.

Industry Applications
Blue Light Absorber & UV Blockers
Automotive Coatings
Industrial Coatings
Waterborne Coatings
Polyurethane Polymers

UV Blockers

  • Chiguard® GA403

    Chiguard® GA403 (GA403) is a novel UV blocker derived from vanillin. It has remarkably high absorption in the UV-A wavelength region, which makes it suitable for optical applications where blue light absorbance is required.
    With a loading of 1500 ppm GA403 in a 1-mm-thick PET film, it can block UV light up to 405 nm. GA403 exhibits zero migration and has outstanding thermal stability in PET applications. In addition to PET, GA403 is suitable for PC, PA, PMMA, etc. It can be broadly used for applications in optical films and sheets, food packaging, UV-resistant fibers, etc.

  • Chiguard® 380W

    Chiguard® 380W (380W) is a highly efficient and non-staining UV absorber, covering UV-A regions up to 380nm. 380W has excellent thermal process stability and good compatibility with PET resin which give a transparent appearance even with high dosage. It is recommended for optical films/ sheets/ board and approved by the US FDA for direct food contact applications such as PET bottles and food wrap films.

Reactive Type

  • Chiguard® R-455

    Chiguard® R-455 (R-455) is a novel reactive benzotriazole UVA patented by Chitec. The propanediol group in R-455 allows it to chemically bond to the backbone of various polymers. This property fundamentally solves the concerns of migration and solvent extraction when UVAs are used in polyurethane elastomers or coating systems.
    R-455 contributed an outstanding initial color and effectively controlled yellowing in aromatic TPU materials in long-term weathering tests. These outstanding properties give R-455 a broad range of applications in both coatings and PU elastomers.

  • Chiguard® 1152

    Chiguard® 1152 (1152) is a reactable N-OR hindered amine light stabilizer. With OH groups in the structure, 1152 can chemically bond to polymers, making it non-migrating, resistant to solvent extraction and highly effective in capturing free radicals. Its low alkalinity makes it suitable for coating systems containing acidic catalysts or acidic pigments. 1152 is recommended for PU elastomers and coating systems that require long-term weather resistance.

Waterborne Systems

  • Chiguard® WB

    Chiguard® WB products are emulsified liquid UV stabilizers designed for waterborne coatings. Developed by Chitec with a proprietary process, the WB series features a low odor, easy operation, and long-term weather resistance. The WB series products have simple ingredients and do not contain solvents, making them an ideal choice for developing low-odor waterborne coatings.

  • Chiguard® 5582WB

    Chiguard® 5582WB is a waterborne benzotriazole-type UVA that covers up to the UV-A region. It features long-term weathering resistance and is suitable for various waterborne coating systems.

  • Chiguard® 5400WB

    Chiguard® 5400WB is a waterborne triazine-type UVA that has strong absorption in the UV-B region. It is designed for the high-performance and durability requirements of water-based transportation and industrial coatings.

  • Chiguard® 101WB

    Chiguard® 101WB is a water-dispersed version of Chiguard® 101 (an N-OR-type HALS) designed for waterborne applications. Identical to Chiguard® 101, Chiguard® 101WB is acid-resistant and highly lipophilic. When working with waterborne UV absorbers, it synergistically enhances the overall weathering resistance of waterborne coating systems.

Benzotriazole UVAs

  • Chiguard® 5530 | 5582 | 5228

    Chiguard® 5530, 5582, 5228 mainly applies to various solvent-based coating systems, providing good system compatibility, low color contribution, and giving coatings effective outdoor weather resistance. It is often used in the formulation for automotive refinishes or OEM baking enamels.

  • Chiguard® 5411 | 5431

    Chiguard® 5411 has a powder form with high lipophilicity and low volatility. It is suitable for applications that require light color. It is recommended for various plastics and TPU elastomers.
    Chiguard® 5431 features properies of very low volatility, high-temperature resistance, and low color. It has good compatibility with PC resin and does not affect transparency.

  • Chiguard® P | 234

    Chiguard® P is a effective UVA for polystyrene, PVC, polyesters, polyurethanes, acrylics, polycarbonates, natural & synthetic rubbers.
    Chiguard® 234 is widely used in high-temperature engineering plastics such as PET, nylon, PBT, etc. It is also commonly used in coating systems such as automotive coatings and powder coatings.

Triazine UVAs

  • Chiguard® 5400 | 5405

    Chiguard® 5400 & 5405 (5400 & 5405) provide solvent-based coatings extra long-term weather resistance. 5400 is a liquid and is one of the main UV absorbers used in OEM automotive coatings. 5405 is a powder, suitable for powder coating or systems requiring high added value and strict weather resistance.

  • Chiguard® 5577

    Chiguard® 5577 has excellent UV absorption properties. It is a powder and has a good thermal resistance. It mainly applies to transparent plastics such as PC, PET and applications that require long-term weather resistance.

  • Chiguard® 1064

    Chiguard® 1064 has a low melting point, making it suitable for polyolefin materials that require extra long-term weather resistance.

Benzophenone UVAs

  • Chiguard® BP-2 | BP-6 | BP-8

    Chiguard® BP-2, BP-6, BP-8 are red-shifted benzophenone UVAs due to having more than one set of keto-enol resonance structures.The main application is UV blocking films.

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers

  • Chiguard® 353 | 101

    Chiguard® 353 & 101 (353 & 101) is the most general liquid light stabilizer for coating systems. 353 is a product with low color contribution and a high cost-performance ratio. 101 is recommended for coatings requiring higher weather resistance. Its low alkalinity makes it suitable for coating systems containing acid catalysts or pigments.

  • Chiguard® 100 | 100G

    Chiguard® 100 (CG 100) is a powder light stabilizer. It has both hindered amine light stabilizer and hindered phenol antioxidant in the structure. Due to CG 100 is light in color, it is often applied in polyurethane elastomers for UV stabilization.
    Chiguard® 100G is fine-powder grade CG 100. It is able to act as an electret and mainly be applied in the powder coating system operated by electrostatic spray, providing the coating thermal processing stability and UV stability.

  • Chiguard® 106 | 5050

    Chiguard® 106 & 5050 are polymeric type long-term weather-resistant light stabilizers. The large molecular weight provides low migration property and their low melting points allowing for use in polyolefin (ex: PE/ PP/ TPO) films.

  • Chiguard® 202 | 228 | 4050

    Chiguard® 202, 228, 4050 are recommended for artificial turf.


  • Chiguard® 3053 | 3253

    Chiguard® 3053 & 3253 are the most universal light stabilizer blends for both solvent-type and waterborne coating systems. Through the synergistic effect between UVA and HALS, the formulations provide decent UV protection to the coatings.

  • Chiguard® 1099 | 5350

    Chiguard® 1099 | 5350 series is the economic solution for long-term weathering-resistant coating. Based on Chiguard® 5582, the solutions provide excellent UV protection to coatings from long-term outdoor exposure.

  • Chiguard® 9735 | U9310

    Chiguard® 9735 is a liquid functional UV stabilizer blend with excellent initial color formation, suitable for UV-curable coatings, epoxy resins, and TPU synthesis.
    Chiguard® U9310 is developed from 9735, which further gained thermal stability and allows for thermal and photo stability on TPU during processing and in the end-uses.

  • Chiguard® HP-1011

    Chiguard® HP-1011 is a high performance UV stabilizer blend, composed of a long-term weather-resisting triazine UVA, Chiguard® 1064, and a polymeric HALS, Chiguard® 106. It is specially designed for polyolefin materials to resist long-term outdoor UV exposure.