Earth Day 2023: Invest in Our Planet

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"21 Days of Green Living"

Chitec's mission is to achieve sustainable development, recognizing that even small actions taken by individuals can significantly impact environmental protection. Therefore, this year, we invited employees to participate in the "21 Days of Green Living" event organized by the Taiwan Environmental Info Association. Through the practice of 30 green actions, our employees actively promoted a sustainable lifestyle and contributed to the preservation of our environment. Scientific research has shown that forming a habit requires consistent practice over a period of approximately 21 days. From April 1st to April 21st, our employees took an important step towards creating a sustainable future by actively engaging in these green actions.

"Invest Our Planet"

The focus of Earth Day 2023 is "Invest Our Planet". It encourages people to change their daily routines and adopt environmentally friendly habits. This is crucial because climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity are having a severe impact on our planet, and we need to take action to protect it.

According to research by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, food waste is the third-largest source of carbon emissions in the world. This shows that practicing environmental actions in daily life can have a positive impact on environmental protection.

“In the past, the idea of environmental protection was associated with negative perceptions such as high costs and inconvenience,” said Heidi Lu, the executive officer of Chitec Technology, “however, environmental protection is easy to achieve, and simple changes in daily life can effectively reduce damage to the environment.”

"Greener, safer, and more effective Chemistry"

In the chemical industry, environmental pollution and safety concerns have always been the focus of people's attention. Therefore, Chitec Technology is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and safe products. "Greener, safer, and more effective Chemistry" has always been Chitec's belief and commitment. In the manufacturing process, Chitec Technology uses green chemistry to reduce the use and generation of hazardous substances, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment.

In recent years, the coating and plastic industries have faced environmental accumulation issues with benzotriazole UV absorbers, presenting significant challenges for customers in selecting suitable alternatives. To address this problem, we spare no effort in product research and development. Notably, in April 2023, Chitec's UV absorber, Chiguard® GA403, received FDA approval, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development and safe and environmentally-friendly chemistry. The products we develop at Chitec are designed to be more environmentally-friendly and safer for the environment.

                                                                            Figure 1: This pie chart shows the top three actions we adopted during 21 days.

During the "21 Days of Green Living ," we took a total of thirteen thousand seven hundred thirty-four green actions, with the top three actions being:

1. Turn off lights and power when not in use.

2. Use cloud invoices and documents more often to cut down on paper usage.

3. Eat local and seasonal food to reduce food carbon footprint.

In addition to our ongoing efforts to develop more environmentally-friendly products, we believe that every employee's green actions can help drive our company towards sustainable development. These actions not only help us better understand the importance of environmental protection but also demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling our social responsibilities as a company.



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