Others Chitex® 

Chitec also offers function-specific additives including rubber additives (Chitex® series), optical brighteners and auxiliary thermal stabilizers.

[Anti-reversion agent]

When rubber compositions are exposed to high temperatures due to friction or the vulcanizing process, elastomer network breaks down due to the destruction of the polysulphurized crosslinking bridges. This phenomenon is called reversion, which is the main cause for the degraded mechanical properties of rubber articles resulted from thermal stresses. Chitec’s featuring anti-reversion agent is called Chitex® AR-7.


The olefin content of rubber compound is vulnerable to ozone attack. Once the reactions between ozone and the olefinic double bonds occur, the surface of rubble article cracks and all the mechanical properties deteriorate as well. The ozone degradation is something that must be prevented especially for tire rubber as it's very easy to cause a blowout, which leads to personal injury or even death. Please refer to Chitex® AZ-320 for more details.

[Optical brighteners]

Optical brighteners, such as Chitex® OB, are suitable for multiple applications in plastics, varnishes, and UV ink and coatings for achieving whiter and brighter colors in final products.

[Auxiliary thermal stabilizers]

Auxiliary thermal stabilizers such as DBM 83 and SBM 50 are mainly used in combination with calcium and zinc thermal stabilizers for enhancing heat resistance of PVC and retarding its deterioration caused by high temperatures.

The recently introduced Chitex® AR-7 is able to repair the broken sulfur cross-links, therefore delivers long term heat stability in sulfur vulcanized elastomers to provide improved reversion resistance on over cure.

With the addition of Chitex® AR-7, the adhesion power, anti-aging performance and vulcanizate modulus can all be improved. Furthermore, greater productivity can be achieved as higher curing temperature is allowed, yet without sacrificing performance properties.

Chitex® AZ-320, based on cyclic acetal structure, is an effective, non-discoloring and non-staining anti-ozonant. It is a perfect solution to protect tire rubber from ozone attack yet ensures a neat appearance. The non-discoloring nature of Chitex® AZ-320 further allows it to be applied to white or light color rubber articles where diene rubber is employed.