UV stabilizers Chiguard®

UV absorber (UVA) is the most important product series of Chitec. With the comprehensive product portfolio, Chitec’s UVA line plays an important role in the worldwide UVA market.

UV absorber 

UV absorbers are a group of compounds capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays efficiently and dissipating them into harmless heat. Upon long-term exposure to sun light, plastic and coating materials incur degradation as a result of photo-oxidation triggered by the UV light in the sun light which in the long run causes deterioration of the appearance and failure of mechanical properties. Adding proper amount of UV absorbers (normally 0.2%-0.5%) into the plastic or coating material can block out harmful UV rays and thereby delay the aging of products, a truly realization of green chemistry. UV absorbers supplied by Chitec can be further categorized into the following lines based on functional groups, i.e. benzotriazole based UVA, benzophenone based UVA, triazine based UVA, formulated UVA and others. Each product line has its own advantages and applications.

Light stabilizers 

Light stabilizers are a group of compounds that amend the photo-oxidized areas caused by the penetration of UV into the plastic. They are capable of scavenging free radicals generated by lights, preventing potential further deterioration of the product. Light stabilizers bears a general structure called hindered amine. They can be further divided into three categories based on chemical properties: monomer types, polymeric, and acid resistant type (AR-HALS). The combination of HALS and UVA delivers a synergy resulting in enhanced UV protection.

A new type of hydroxyphenyl triazine UV absorber. Comparing its performance among its kind is like comparing a supercar to a sedan. Because of its acidic nature, Chiguard® 5400 is highly resistant to acid rain and is ideal for use in acid-catalyzed systems. Chiguard® 5400 is suitable for all kinds of coatings. Specifically, it is recommended for IPDI acrylic and melamine systems.

The first nano-grade waterborne UV absorber launched by Chtiec. With its neutral nature, Chiguard® 5228WB is less influential to other dispersants. In addtion, it is more resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and possesses the advantage of high storage stability. Chiguard® 5228WB is suitable for waterborne Inkjet inks, waterborne wood stain, waterborne adhesives etc. thanks to its highly effective and long-term UV protection.

This is a broad-spectrum liquid benzotriazole UV absorber that can provide the best UV protection to UV-susceptible substrates such as timber, plastic, etc. It possesses high thermal stability and weatherability, which is especially suitbale for automobile and industrial coatings that are under long-term exposure to high temperature baking process or is suitable for applications under even harsher weather conditions. Besides, because of the special structure of the Chiguard® 5582, it has a outstanding compatibility with the coating systems. Last but not least, Chiguard® 5582 is the best alternative to UV-328 that is suspicous of its persistent and bioaccumulative concerns.

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