Chitec received Taiwanese patent for Chiguard® GA403


Chitec Technology announced today that its novel UV blocker, Chiguard® GA403, received a Taiwanese patent on 01/01/2020 (patent number: I680975). The patent reviews of Chiguard® GA403 for other countries are also proceeding smoothly.

Chiguard® GA403 (GA403) is a novel UV blocker derived from vanillin. It has a remarkably high absorption in the UVA wavelength region, making it suitable for optical applications requiring blue light absorbance. GA403 can block blue light up to 405 nm at 1500 ppm loading in a 1 mm thick PET film. For PET food package applications, GA403 achieved zero migration in migration tests with 10% ethanol, 3% acetic acid, and plant oil, respectively. The melting point of GA403 is 203 oC, but it is thermally stable over 350 oC (TGA 10% loss), which is suitable for use in PET, PC, PA, PMMA, and PE plastics. GA403 can be broadly applied in fields such as optical film/boards, food packaging, and UV-resistant functional fabrics.



About Chitec:

Chitec is a leading global provider of specialty chemicals managing UV light and heat for the plastic, coating, ink and rubber industries. The company’s notable product lines include UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant and photoinitiator. Information about Chitec can be found at