Photoinitiators Chivacure® / R-gen®

Traditional paints are diluted with solvents. During the drying process, solvents vaporize into the atmosphere, causing pollution to the environment. To rectify this drawback, a few new solvent-free paint systems had been developed. Among these systems, UV coating gives the fastest curing speed disregard of substrates and baking process.

As the name suggests, UV coating is a system that “dries up” by UV radiation. The constituent in the paint accounted for receiving the UV radiation is a compound known as the photoinitiator. After receiving energy from the ultraviolet or visible light, the photoinitiator undergoes a fragmentation reaction and transforms into free radicals or cations which initiate the polymerizing process or so-called curing process.

With no solvent to evaporate and no environmental pollutants, UV coatings/inks have become the best green solutions for the industry since the 80’s. Photoinitiator plays the most critical role in the UV curing system thought the concentration is less than 10%. After almost 2 decades’ of endeavor, Chitec has developed a very comprehensive product spectrum encompassing visible light photoinitiators, UV photoinitiators, free radical photoinitiators, cationic photoinitiators, oligomeric photoinitiators, etc. and has established a leading position in high-end applications such as 3D printing, optical coating, solder mask and so forth.

An oligomeric photoinitiator featuring transparent, ultrathin, non-yellowing, and non-migration properties. Equipped with a special “multi-warhead” structure, Chivacure® 300 is highly resistant to oxygen inhibition and can retain sufficient free radicals to initiate the UV curing reaction. Therefore Chivacure® 300 is particularly suitable for applications requiring ultrathin transparent coatings that are less than 5 μm thick (e.g., food or cigarette packaging, adhesive tapes, scratch-resistant glass and metal coatings)

 A liquid photoinitiator designed to replace the application of Chivacure® 169 in dark/black inks. R-gen® 990 is highly soluble in common monomers and oligomers thus it can well dissolve in the system after string/mixing. R-gen® 990 is highly recommended for low viscosity inks such as flexo, gravure, and ink-jet.

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