Photoinitiators are applied in the light-cured coating system. In practice, photoinitiators are activated by the photocleavage mechanism by absorbing the energy from UV light or visible light. In this way, the free radical or the protonic acid is formed so as to trigger the polymerization reaction.

Industry Applications
Printing Ink
Printing Ink for Food Packaging
PCB Solder Masking Ink
Optical Fiber Coatings
LED UV Curing
3D Printing

Free Radical Photoinitiators

  • R-gen® 919 | 990

    R-gen® 919 & 990 (919 & 990) are liquid aminoketone photoinitiators patented by Chitec. Their UV absorption peaks are at 322 nm and cover up to 400 nm, suitable for both mercury lamps or LED UV curing systems. 919 & 990 is designed with excellent oxygen-inhibition resistance and a balanced surface/depth cure performance. Being presented in liquid form, 919 & 990 perform exceptionally high solubility and let formulators design a high carbon black loading system at ease.

  • Chivacure® TPO | TPO-W

    Chivacure® TPO (TPO) is a major photoinitiator in LED UV curing system. It features the main absorption band at 360-400 nm and excellent depth curability. TPO performs photobleach during curing and resists against the yellowish after being cured.
    it can be applied in both mercury lamps or LED UV curing systems, suitable for a variety of applications such as varnish, white paint, color paint, and thick-paint coating systems.
    Chivacure® TPO-W is the TPO presenting pure white in its appearance chromaticity. It is ideal for UV 3D printing systems requiring a higher level of white tone.

  • Chivacure® TPO-L

    Chivacure® TPO-L is a liquid form photoinitiator and has high compatibility with most monomers or oligomers. It is often applied in UV curing adhesives.

Polymeric Photoinitiators

  • Chivacure® 150 | 300

    Chivacure® 150 & 300 (CV 150 & 300) are oligomeric polyfunctional alpha-hydroxy ketone photoinitiators characterized by their extremely high reactivity, low odor, and non-yellowing properties. They are the effective photoinitiators in the ultra-thin varnishes system to resist oxygen-inhibition. CV 300 is a powder-type product being purified from CV 150 through the recrystallization process. With more satisfactory purity and chromaticity, it meets food packaging regulations.

  • Chivacure® 70 | 100

    Chivacure® 70 & 100 (CV 70 & 100) is developed by using CV 150 as the basis. Its operability is enhanced by adjusting the viscosity of the formula in presenting better miscibility with most monomer or oligomer substances. CV 70 & 100 are ideal for UV inks.

  • Chivacure® 160

    Chivacure® 160 (CV 160) is a difunctional hydroxy ketone photoinitiator (PI) characterized by superior curability and photo-sensitivity, low odor, and non-yellowing properties. Its red-shifting UV absorption makes it suitable for clear and light-color UV curable coatings systems.

Cationic Photoinitiators

  • Chivacure® 1176

    Chivacure® 1176 (CV 1176) is a cationic photoinitiator. Different from Norrish-type, the cationic photoinitiators generate highly active protonic acid during photocleavage that can initiate a ring-opening polymerization of epoxy resins. CV 1176 is suitable for most cationic curing systems and SLA 3D printing applications.

  • R-gen® 262

    R-gen® 262 belongs to the class of cationic organometallic photoinitiators with a UV absorption range up to the visible light region, suitable for color paint and thick-paint coating systems.


  • Chivacure® P-207

    Chivacure® P-207 is a full-fledged photoinitiator blend with properties of low viscosity, low color, broad UV absorbing range, and oxygen-inhibition resistance. It is suitable for UV inks, clear and pigmented coatings, available for both mercury lamps, and LED UV curing systems.

  • Chivacure® P-4075 | P-5075

    Chivacure® P-4075 & P-5075 are high-performance liquid photoinitiator blends specially designed to comply with food package ink standards. They feature low color, high reactivity, oxygen-inhibition resistance, and balanced surface/depth cure performances in both mercury lamp curing, and LED-UV curing.

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