"Empowering Women in Chemistry for a Brighter Future"- Chitec Celebrates IWD

Globally, women represent 35 percent of the chemistry personnel, a ratio that will continue to grow.

For many years, Chitec has been dedicated to revolutionizing the plastic and coatings industry through cutting-edge technologies that cater to the evolving demands of consumers, manufacturers, and the world.

At Chitec, we believe that diversity is a strength that fuels innovation and progress. Our unwavering commitment to equity and inclusion is driving us to create more opportunities for women in the chemical industry, empowering them to contribute their unique perspectives and talents to shape a brighter future for all.

"Having a team consisting of individuals from varied backgrounds, Chitec can access a broader range of innovative ideas and gain a more comprehensive understanding of customers' requirements, which in turn, facilitates the development of optimal solutions," said Heidi Lu, Chitec's Chief Executive Officer, “there is strong evidence indicating that having a diverse workforce leads to superior concepts, innovations, and outcomes.”


Embrace Equity

At Chitec, we embrace in the importance of gender diversity and equity, and we are proud to be giving women greater influence and representation in the industry.


"There is an apparent underrepresentation of women in the field, reflecting the industry's dire need for increased gender diversity and inclusivity," Heidi added. “At Chitec, we are proud to have a diverse team that includes many talented and accomplished women, both in technical and commercial roles.”



Support Younger Generation


Chitec is leading the way in promoting diversity in the plastic and coating industry, providing more opportunities for women and paving the way for the next generation of girls interested in STEM careers.

Chitec supports the education of undergraduate students in plastic and coating technologies through a scholarship program, with a particular emphasis on increasing opportunities for women.




Take the Initiative and Embrace IWD



We recognize that women have historically faced barriers to full and equal participation in the workforce, and we remain steadfast in our efforts to create an inclusive workplace that supports and advances women in their careers.

This year, Chitec takes this opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), reaffirming our commitment to promoting and embracing equity within our team.

As we celebrate IWD, we are proud of the progress we have made in promoting gender equity and equality, but we also recognize that there is still much work to be done. We are committed to continuing to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace where all members of our team, regardless of gender or other characteristics, can thrive and succeed.


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