Chitec participates in the Coating Trends & Technology (CTT) Conference 2022

Chitec will attend and also be invited to present our new technology at the Coating Trends & Technology Conference sponsored by PCI from September 7th to 9th, 2022 in Westin Lombard, IL, USA.

Last year Chitec gave a talk on “Reactable UV Absorber Chiguard R-455”.
This year we are introducing our research on the “Advances in UV Protection of High-Performance and Waterborne Coatings” which will be presented by Chitec’s Senior Scientist, George Mauer, Ph.D.,  on Thursday, September 8th at 3:50 - 4:20 am CST. We look forward to your attendance!


This year's presentation will focus on two of our latest research data:
1.    The first study discovers a highly effective waterborne light stabilizer system for wood coatings. It can achieve enhanced gloss and color protection with half the standard dosage of traditional UVA’s and light stabilizers. We also demonstrate how one can utilize a polymerizable UV-absorber to modify a PU dispersion to create a novel UVA-PUD for porous substrates.

2.    In the second study, a polymerizable UV absorber achieves permanent UV coverage under harsh solvent extraction conditions. It shows exceptional color protection superiority to additive-type UVAs, creating an ultimate protective layer suitable for extreme environmental conditions.


Please check the event page for more information