Chitec participated in the Coating Trends & Technology (CTT) Conference 2022

Chitec participated in the Coating Trends & Technology Conference sponsored by PCI from September 7th to 9th, 2022, in the Westin Lombard, IL, USA. Our senior scientist Dr. George Mauer presented the latest research on a polymerizable UV absorber and a new waterborne UV stabilizing system.

Dr. George Mauer introduced how we can utilize the polymerizable UV absorber Chiguard® R-455 to "predict" and realize high-performance and permanent UV-resistant coatings based on Beer-Lambert's. Further expanding on this concept, the function of UVA in layers can go from the original protection function to the discussion of optical performance.

Dr. George Mauer also introduced a newly developed waterborne UV stabilizer system Chiguard® W-5481 (W-5481). It’s a highly effective UV stabilizer system specially designed for wood coatings. W-5481 shows a robust performance window and excellent long-term color stabilization with only a half dosage of conventional UV stabilizers.

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