Chitec Joined “Earth Hour 2023”

Chitec is committed to long-term efforts towards achieving low-carbon sustainability and promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG 13 - Climate Action. As a part of this unwavering commitment, we participated in the "Earth Hour 2023" event by switching off our lights for one hour on the 25th, demonstrating our unwavering support for this crucial cause.

As per the IPCC report, the state of the world is highly fragile, and by 2040, the global temperature may increase by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius, posing threats to both human beings and ecosystems. Chitec, as a socially responsible corporation, is taking decisive actions to reduce its environmental impact. These actions include adopting cutting-edge environmental and energy management systems and rigorously monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.

Heidi Lu, Chief Executive Officer of Chitec, stated: “Through close collaboration with employees, customers, and suppliers, we are committed to achieving sustainable development goals and creating a better future for all stakeholders.”

This year, we joined the globally recognized "Earth Hour 2023" event, which encourages individuals and organizations to switch off lights for an hour on the last Saturday of March at 8:30 pm. This year's "'Earth Hour'" event in Taiwan alone saw a total energy savings of approximately 150,000 kWh, resulting in a reduction of 76,350 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to planting 6,941 trees. Our collective success in this regard highlights the importance of global efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

Chitec is dedicated to sustainable action and promoting SDG 13 - Climate Action. Our participation in "Earth Hour 2023" reflects our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and achieving sustainable environmental goals. Together with stakeholders, we are creating a better future through our decisive actions, resulting in significant energy savings and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Join us in the global effort to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, as we strive towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


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