Waterborne UVAs and HALS – Chiguard® WB

◆ Introduction

Waterborne coatings have received huge demand as societies and governments put more pressure on environmental protection, such as the VOC limit. Various new waterborne resins have been developed to meet the market demand. Likewise, waterborne UVAs have become available with a broader range of products. Two new emulsified liquid UVAs, Chiguard® 5582WB, Chiguard® 5400WB, and one waterborne HALS Chiguard® 101WB are introduced here. These three products feature improved resin compatibility and coatings storage stability across all waterborne systems. The Chiguard® WB series enjoys high stability against rain washing which makes exterior coatings more durable. Other advantages include high initial gloss, high inter-miscibility among three waterborne UVAs, and high miscibility with a wide range of waterborne resins, easily mixing into formulas without any pre-emulsification process.

◆ Product information of Chiguard® WB