The Phenol-free AO Derived from Palm Oil – Revonox® 420V

◆ Introduction

Revonox® 420V is an antioxidant derived from palm oil by Chitec‘s proprietary process that eases customers’ concern against its tallow-based predecessor. Being a phenol-free primary antioxidant, Revonox® 420V is resistant to gas‐fading while hindered phenolic antioxidant is not and it also has an excellent initial color against phenol yellowing.

◆ Excellent Synergetic Effect with Phosphite AO

Revonox® 420V performs excellent synergetic effects to contribute excellent initial color and physical property retention when formulated with phosphite antioxidants. Its outstanding performance over conventional hindered phenolic antioxidant systems is especially suitable for the applications in polypropylene(PP) and polyethylene(PE) fiber/film and automotive TPO as well as polyolefins.