The Best Melt Flow Index Protector ─ Revonox® 501

◆ Introduction

Revonox® 501 is a benzo-furanone antioxidant which optimally combines carbon-centered radical scavenger activity and primary antioxidant functions in a single molecule. As a multi-functional antioxidant, Revonox® 501 can be applied as a highly efficient thermal processing stabilizer to provide outstanding performance in a variety of polymers such as PP, PE, PBT, styrenics, olefin-copolymers, and adhesives.

◆ Synergetic Effect – Anti-Scorching Test of Polyurethane Foam

Revonox® 501 shows a significant synergistic effect when formulated with hindered phenolic antioxidants. Its superior radical scavenging activity over conventional antioxidant systems is particularly pronounced when tested in anti-scorching experiment.

◆ Radical scavenging Performance – Color Retention of Spandex Simulation

In a simulated spandex dry spinning process, an AO system composite with Revonox® 501 demonstrates a high radical scavenging efficiency by displaying a superior yellowing control with a lower total dosage.