Antioxidant Revonox® / Deox

Heating, compounding, extrusion and other common processes occur during the manufacturing of plastic articles. These processes may degrade and oxidize the plastic and therefore result in material deterioration. The function of antioxidants is to mitigate this kind of deterioration for protecting the mechanical properties of the plastic.

The antioxidant launched by Chitec prior to 2010 was called Deox, and that launched after 2010 was called Revonox®. There are many types of plastics available on the market, each having an applicable antioxidant. Chitec’s antioxidants can be categorized into the following lines:

[Primary antioxidants] 

Hindered phenolic antioxidants, metal deactivators, benzofuranone antioxidants and hydroxylamine antioxidants.

[Secondary antioxidants]

Phosphorous based antioxidants and sulfur based antioxidants.

It is the best supplementary antioxidant for traditional primary hindered phenolic antioxidants (such as 1010). A little dosage of Revonox® 501 can render synergy and upgrade the efficiency of the overall antioxidant package to an unprecedented level. With the addition of Revonox® 501, users can now explore new usages that 1010 previously couldn’t be applied. Revonox® 501 is a broad-spectrum antioxidant that is almost applicable to all kinds of plastics. It stabilizes the Melt Flow Index (MFI) and significantly reduces yellowing. Revonox® 501 received patents in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe and China. Additionally, it is TSCA and REACH registered, and has FDA clearance on food contact applications.

A phenol-free hydroxylamine primary antioxidant possessing anti-Nox functions. Including Revonox® 420V in the AO package can effectively mitigate gas-fading reactions of phenolic antioxidants. Simply speaking, Revonox® 420V is the best primary antioxidant in terms of color protection of polyolefins. Most importantly, the commercially available hydroxylamine antioxidants are derived from animal origin (tallow oil), while Revonox® 420V is a proprietary green antioxidant derived from palm oil certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). It immediately eases the customer's concerns with substances from animal sources and complies with Chitec's core vision dedicating to green environment protection.

Spiro phosphates are known for their high antioxidization efficiency. In addition, they are the only phosphite antioxidants that can reverse the oxidized form of the hindered phenolic antioxidants, which can easily cause resin to discolor. However, traditional spiro phosphate antioxidants typically suffer from low hydrolytic stability. Once moistened, they will hydrolyze in a short time and release phosphoric acid resulting in corrosion of manufacturing equipment. Revonox® 608, however, is the excellent solution to overcome this weakness. The special structure of Revonox® 608 not only maintains its high antioxidization efficiency but also possesses high resistance to hydrolysis and extremely high thermal stability at the same time. In fact, Revonox® 608 is the ideal phosphite antioxidant best suitable for engineering plastics manufactured over 280°C, such as polyesters, polyamides, polycarbonates etc.

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